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Astrobase Command is a sandbox base-building RPG set in a retro science fiction universe. Inspired by the science fiction movies and television shows of the '70s and '80s, its focus is on the bonds the player develops with his or her crew. Build 3D starbases, undertake missions to exotic new worlds, and wage battles in space or on planetary surfaces. Everything is tied together by an advanced AI Storyteller that invents new situations, and crafts a narrative driven by the actions of the player and the characters under his or her command. This is the game we wish we could have played when we were kids.


Back in 2009, Dave had a vision for a game that would later become Astrobase Command. He was working in AAA, so not much could be done about it. In 2013 circumstances changed however, and Dave started work on a prototype in Unity. Adam soon joined the team, and after a unsuccessful kickstarter in December of that year Astrobase Command was greenlit on Steam. Daniel soon came aboard and took control of the artistic vision. Also joining the team as a volunteer was Max, who was the largest backer of the kickstarter and stuck around to help make the game a reality. Another volunteer is William (aka Dollar) who provides admin services. Jellyfish Games was officially founded in the summer of 2014, with the idea that an open and honest team culture promotes fun and innovative games.


  • Customized species design
  • 3D space station building
  • Characters with personality
  • Non-linear progression system
  • AI Storyteller


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Selected Articles

  • "Astrobase Command looks great [...] and should present plenty of chances to behave like a terrible space-bastard."
    - Adam Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun

About Jellyfish Games

Jellyfish Games is a Montreal-based independent game studio, made up of Adam Blahuta, Dave Williams and Daniel Dahl. We brought our big-studio experience together to make the deep, systems-driven games we've always wanted to play.

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Astrobase Command Credits

Adam Blahuta
Development and Business, Jellyfish Games

Dave Williams
Design and Writing, Jellyfish Games

Daniel Dahl
Artist, Jellyfish Games

William Dollar
IT, Volunteer

Xin Ran Liu
Concept Artist, Kitfox Games

James Clark
Music, Freelancer

Max Shields
Community Management, Volunteer

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