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Re: Character Trait Suggestions

Postby pattenam » Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:42 am

Are the trait concepts informing the in-code variables or vice versa? I assume both at this stage.

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Re: Character Trait Suggestions

Postby MilitantLobster » Sat Dec 14, 2013 12:46 pm

MaxShields wrote:Is character loyalty going to be a consideration? You've mentioned the risks that players will take with developing a group of characters with specialist skill sets. The obvious means of attacking them is physically. However, will there be opportunities where characters (either the player's or those of the enemy) could be manipulated and turned into the opponent's willing or unwilling agents? They could defect, leaving the station altogether, or serve as double agents, carrying out espionnage or sabotage.

I like this idea. Slightly less antagonistic: They could simply be headhunted by a different base. No malice, they just want your guy cause he's awesome. His loyalty speaks to how much extra cash he'd turn down just to stay on with you.

MaxShields wrote:A wildcard trait appears as once thing (any existing trait from your already expansive list), but will eventually reveal itself to be another. The game effects are those of the concealed trait. This represents the fact that supervisors sometimes develop an imperfect picture of the people that work for them. Therefore, the information that makes it into their personnel docket may not be a perfect reflection of the character's true nature. Wildcard traits would be rare, their frequency either fixed at a low level, or modified by the supervisor's personnel administration or leadership skill. Supervisors with a high skill are more likely to correctly evaluate their personnel and record their traits correctly than those with poor skills.

Some examples:


2. After an audit reveals shortfalls in the galley's fund, Crewman Pollock, once famous for his squeaky-clean "Trustworthy" trait is revealed to have been pocketing some of the cash. His record is modified to reflect the actual trait "Crook/weasel".

3. Recruit Gomez has earned the trait "Grey Man" for his quiet demeanor. He rarely ever stands out, and few of his supervisors really know what he does, or that he even exists. In reality, he is the one humbly working his butt off behind the scenes to save his team's bacon day in and day out. After a particularly arduous mission, it becomes apparent how important he is to the success of the Astrobase's mission, and his trait is corrected to "Quiet Professionnal".


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