Music for the game!

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Music for the game!

Postby TomTrustworthy » Mon Sep 22, 2014 7:41 pm

Just an offshoot of this: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=193#p925

didn't want to muck up that thread any more.

I'll post some tracks/genre's of music maybe even links to radio stations online for musical inspiration for this game.

Echo-ES - Looking into the night sky ... -the-night
Found this track on under the Space Dreams channel. It's free with minor commercials. Works on PC or Mobile.
It seems like a great example for base management and all that. No beat really at all so its not pumping you up for any action.. that I think would be best for tense moments or battles.

Roald Velden - Complicated (Green Relax Edit) (not the same mix, the one I first heard had no vocals I believe)
Found this on Chillstep, a chilled dubstep(since its all the rage right now).
Has a beat, but since its a rolling beat its not too driving. Would be a great format for decision making and such.

Field Rotation - Regenzeit II
Found on Psybient station.
Uses strings in a way that makes it still seem futuristic/space-like. Maybe for when you lose crew or a battle? The song seems to have a sad tone.

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