Please consider Space Station 13 features

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Please consider Space Station 13 features

Postby VorgonMofo » Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:41 am

I'm serious:

You Devs MUST check it out, the ideas are open sourced too.

Things I would like to see in this game:

1. Bio-logical entities causing contamination:

A very 70s era sci-fi idea. You got something strange that came from a solar dust cloud or a asteroid rock brought on board for study, soon some crazy alarms start going off, you got your chief medical staff going crazy and annoying your captain that holy snap something has infected the crew. Now to control the infection you may need to

A. Flame it up! burn capartments of the station with fire or destroy or seperate them from station.

B. Vent Atmos, people better scramble to the nearest suit lockers and hope there are enough...

C. Find a cure better guard medical from riots... or worse

Worse being, maybe the infection causes violent mutations in crew transforming them into



Wow! That'd be sick!!!

2. Captain job, and defined crew jobs:

I'd like to see jobs for our crew, and a captain, someone we could get attached to and not want to lose.

3. Detailed environments, and blood and gore and such

I'd like to see stuff leave an impact on our environment, damaged stations, dim lights alarm lights, blood and gore for wounded crew, dismemberment, maybe even stuff like scars on the faces of our crew or cybernetic limbs, etc.

4. Cyborgs

Love to see this. Robots that serve, maybe people can die and get their brain re-used in robots. Or even synthetic life forms on station.

5. AI! Come on man! Hal 9000, GLaDOS, SHODAN, Lawnmower Man?

So basically AI can do a lot of automated stuff your crew usually does, like open doors, sense when crew members need aid, send bots to help people monitor and control power usage, manage life support, stuff players can do. Maybe even be an optional thing to install depending on the type of station a player is going for (Research VS Mining, vice versa, or even military VS both, or all three)



This could be amazing, crew tries to defeat the AI and has to fight its machinations such as

A. Locking down whole sections and venting atmos, flooding station with plasma or whatever, Setting part or all of station to explode, it'd be crazy.

You could do stuff like capture the AI onto a cartidge if you get someone close enough, and then house him in a secure box and order a new AI from home planet or whatever. Lots of ideas here.

6. Traitors,

Well I read you already thought of this, but I'd like different kinds. Military, Corporate, Terrorist, Cultists

Cultists should do crazy stuff and maybe even unleash strange powers on board that effect time space and mutate crew into monsters or summon CTHULU!11111

Well yeah just thinking here.

Well ok theres tons of ideas I can explain, but alot of other people staded Trade lanes, and passenger visits, or trader ships docking, etc. Please consider everything found in here:

Thanks!!! Dont hate me every1 Im not saying they should STEAL just use the ideas. The game is open source anyway and not sold for profit so it shouldnt matter!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Please consider Space Station 13 features

Postby PensiveElephant » Fri Nov 22, 2013 9:12 am

Nice to see more people posting :)

I like the idea with brain-powered machines - there is something about it that I find grusomely low-tech.

Many of the other ideas could also work very well with the storytelling system.

The only note I'd have to make at this point is that we've asked the devs before whether the player character would be represented by an avatar (e.g. a captain) and it has been said that they'd rather have the player form bonds with several crewmembers rather than just one.

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