Start of game/tutorial idea

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Start of game/tutorial idea

Postby shireknight » Tue May 02, 2017 4:04 pm

Don't know if you've decided on how you're going to start the game yet but I just had an awesome idea based on the kick-starter game play video you guys uploaded, it would also act as a brilliant tutorial I think.

*Tutorial starts*
You're a Commander sitting at your desk at Starfleet Command (sorry I'm a Star Trek geek) when a message comes into your inbox issuing you with an order to design, build and command your very own Starbase in a new star system.

You receive applications for the initial start-up crew which you have to go through and evaluate, picking the best crew(wo)men for the correct roles and also design your first couple of starter modules which on-site engineers will build while you remain on your planet.

Once basic crew/officer quarters and life support systems are up and running you transfer to the new base yourself and that's where the tutorial ends and the game proper begins.

This way before you even reach your station you already know the basics of evaluating crew applications and how to design basic station modules and it's all wrapped up in a nice common-sense engaging story kind of way.

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