On Stress, Fatigue and Crew Rotations

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Re: On Stress, Fatigue and Crew Rotations

Postby Lochar » Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:33 pm


I realize this is an old post and that i am new but crew management is one of my favorite items i always hope for in a management game.

I don't mean for away missions but for the overall structure. Prison Architect has it to a degree, Silent Hunter 4 used a 3 shift system that i thought was cool.

While I won't know the full mechanics til i can get my hands on it, running a station, can benefit from shift change. Not only would this allow backups but would limit an A team to maybe being just a bit better than B or C team. It may take away from dangers like having a power meltdown while techs are sleeping but still can allow for mishaps.

I might be alone in this but with the manager desk design of the UI, a crew managent section would be cool, having to juggle shift coverages or fill in for injured crewmen. It may require more crewmen than was designed for, but thought would start my first post with my favorite topic. :)


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