Astrobase Command Kickstarter Closing With Target

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Astrobase Command Kickstarter Closing With Target

Postby Max Shields » Sat May 13, 2017 2:37 am

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It's been a few days, and as is wont to happen on a Kickstarter, a great deal has taken place.


We currently stand at 64% of our goal reached with 8 days remaining, which is a great position to be in before sliding into the last week of the campaign.
Procedural Character Interactions
We pulled back the curtains and revealed an in-depth review of our character life systems. You'll find that we've designed many of the concepts from the ground-up, and our procedural character interactions breathe life into your crewmembers. They will respond based on their unique personalities, and experiences.

Revamped Rewards

You spoke, and we listened. We've had requests to change up the contents of tiers, and include new rewards. We've also changed all of the reward art to make it easier to decipher. Feast your eyes on the goodies we have to offer:

Tier Comparisons
Thoughts Shared
We have a new interview up over at The Cliqist. Joanna Mueller goes behind the campaign and asks Dave some questions about Astrobase Command, which he gladly answers!
Spread the Word
We also started a Thunderclap campaign yesterday. Please sign up and help spread a giant shout about the campaign around the interwebs on May 22nd. It's free, and it's easy, and you may earn yet more hugs from Adam.
Join the Fun

We've set up a community discord channel. Come join the conversation. It's free, and it's full of great people.

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