Deep Sleep Simulation: Sophisticated AI Design – Astrobase C

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Deep Sleep Simulation: Sophisticated AI Design – Astrobase C

Postby Max Shields » Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:04 pm

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Adam - @adam_blahuta
Hey space friends!

This week I continued implementing character AI, this time focused on sleep behaviors! As in real life, sleep is one of the most important factors in regeneration from daily activities and stressors. As such, the design around sleep is fairly sophisticated. If you like deep simulation, I bet you'll find it really interesting to observe this in action and plan accordingly!
Daniel - @Polygonatron
Hi everybody!
This week I've had to split between working on fun Astrobase Command stuff graphics and less fun admin type things. It wasn't the most creatively filled week for me but I managed to fix some things that have been bugging me greatly in the graphics since I changed adjacent assets.
Dave - @Dave_Astrobase
Hey guys!

Last week going through all the data in the data-driven systems, and doing a final quality pass in preparation for public access builds.
Max - @Max_Shields
Hola amigos del espacio!

This week has been a diverse one. I've split my time between administrative duties, research work, and UI design. This variety, which is both a nice challenge and an opportunity to keep things fresh, is an integral part of the indie experience. It's also a fantastic opportunity to continue expanding our personal capabilities, as we each end up invariably having to work outside of our comfort zones at some point or other.

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