Systems Design, Spreadsheets, and Data Visualization: An Ast

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Systems Design, Spreadsheets, and Data Visualization: An Ast

Postby Max Shields » Sat Nov 19, 2016 2:01 am

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Hi everybody,

We're going to keep this week's update very short because we've been driving hard to tackle a key milestone, and have been focusing our efforts on production.

We've just wrapped up a meeting where Dave exposed his latest (and hopefully final, Stars Willing!) systems design in its glorious entirety. It's super exciting, as we've really been into the weeds for quite some time, using interim systems, and haven't had an opportunity to see Astrobase Command as a fully integrated project in a while.

It's also a thing of beauty; at least if you're into spreadsheets and elegant mathematical models!

Dave and Adam still have a full slate ahead of them as they work on integrating the systems, but our momentum is building.

Daniel's committed a lot of brain power this week coming up with ways to efficiently view station and crew data without breaking the Fourth Wall and found the time to whip together a neat Jellyfish Games splash screen harkening back to the good ol' days of the C64.

Have a great weekend, Starfarers!

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