The Mission

Jellyfish Games is an independent Montreal-based game company made up of industry vets. We’re making the games we’ve always wanted to play. We enjoy deep, systems-driven games that reward the player for creativity and skill, as well as give them a good laugh and some epic watercooler stories to share with friends.

We also believe that the key to making Astrobase Command as good as it can be is to involve the community as much as possible. For more information about the game or to get involved in playtesting, please contact us at

The Crew

Adam Blahuta – President and Lead Engineer

Twitter: @adam_blahutaPortraitAdam_150

Ever since he got his first Lego set, Adam has wanted to make things. His mathematical mind (read “can’t draw for sh*t”) lead him into programming and before he knew it, he was making video games professionally.

He’s worked on a variety of mobile and PC games, waiting for the right people and project to start his own company.

Dave Williams – Lead Design/Programming

Twitter: @dave_astrobasePortraitDave_150

Dave was making online games when he was 14 and running a BBS off a landline. He upgraded to a 14.4 and then it got serious. He also played a lot of D&D and Warhammer, because that’s what you did back then.

After college Microsoft spirited him away (with money). About a year later, Dave was back to making indie games and modding. He also spent some time in the AAA industry. If making video games didn’t exist as a profession, Dave would be the crazy guy yelling stuff on a street corner. Instead, he lives in Nanaimo and makes crazy video games.

Daniel Dahl – Lead Art/Programming

Twitter: @polygonatronPortraitDaniel_150

The first computer game Daniel ever made was made as a group project for a high-school English class. This ignited a desire to make games that drove him to study graphics and a little bit of computer science.

Working on mods and indie projects after finishing his studies lead to employment in the games industry. There Daniel worked in game art production and prototype/pitch creation. This came in handy when he left and started working on his own. Unlike Dave, Daniel is the crazy guy yelling stuff on the street corner. Everyone needs a hobby!

Max Shields – Production/2d Art

Twitter: @max_shieldsPortraitMax_150

Max is new to the game industry. He has spent many years managing and leading projects while nurturing a passion for illustration and photography.

He joined the team at the end of the Kickstarter and has been stuffed in a small airlock making 2D art and harassing the world about Astrobase Command ever since.


William Dollar – System Admin

Björn Sorensen – Artist

Xin Ran Liu – Artist

James Clark – Music

Ethan Redrup – Marketing Analyst