Weekly Dev Update – October 2nd, 2015

Posted on October 2, 2015 by Daniel


Hey everybody!

This week was another one of super sexy admin! It’s tax time for us, which means a bunch of paperwork to fill out and numbers to get in order. It’s a good thing I have you all and this game to make it all worthwhile because this stuff is slowly killing me!

Next week will be much more programming fun. Speaking of which, if you have any suggestions of programming topics you’d like to hear more about, I’d love to hear them in the forums!


Hi Guys.

This week I’ve been doing paperwork and LOD’s. Both things that inspire an abundance of joy joy feelings in any person, living or dead.



This week I worked on cranking out plotpoint text — trying to do 4-6 a day. I don’t need the whole set of planned plotpoints to implement the system, so I’m working on the reduced set first. After that I’ll write the data exporter, and then adapt a previous prototype for the gamecode. Then we’ll “technically” have missions.

Weekly Dev Update – September 25th, 2015

Posted on September 25, 2015 by Adam


Hi, everybody!

This week I’ve spent more time looking at optimizations, but mainly I’ve been going through everything and fixing things that needed fixing. Each thing by itself is often pretty small but they add up into being pretty important to fix.


This week was another one of graphical optimizations and moving forward with species customization. It’s turning out to be a bigger feature that we originally thought. But it’s critical to the player’s ability to really have ownership over their species, so we’re giving it the proper attention.


This week I worked on writing plot-point text for the category of plot-points I’m calling “starters” which is the entry point for characters when they enter a sub-location. The starter plot-points interact heavily with traits, so characters may take different actions in the sub-location depending on their personality.

In addition to the starters, I also have challenges and rewards. Rewards are mostly built out, and I’ve been writing new challenges as needed as they are an outcome of possible character action.

Weekly Dev Update – September 18th, 2015

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Daniel


Hey there!

This week, I had other business to take care of, but had very productive discussions with Daniel concerning species appearance customization and the project’s LOD (Level Of Detail, a graphical optimization strategy) approach.

We’ll probably dedicate a post to LODs in the near future so you can see everything that goes into having things that are both pretty and can run on our machines without melting them.


Hello, this week I’ve been touching up on the faces a little bit and handing off a bunch of knowledge about them to Adam to aid him in integrating them fully into the systems that need them.

Aside from that I’ve been looking at a lot of ways of improving graphics performance. LOD’s (adaptive mesh density depending on the distance from camera), profiling (looking at where the computer is spending it’s time), and optimizing the substances (procedural texture generation graphs). This is one of those steps that you don’t want to do too early but this is definitely a good time for us to be looking into it.
For example for one substance it improved performance by an order of magnitude.

Also I’ve been doing a pass to update some assets that have had changes pending for a while, for example the starfield/nebulae in the skybox (the background in space) is now using HDR (High Dynamic Range) images.



This week was kind of a a thinking week for me. I was doing some high-level mapping of sub-location room prefixes, the suffixes. traits, and plotpoints to ensure an even distribution and everything will end up linked together in such away that fulfills the high level goals of the system.

Weekly Dev Update – September 11th, 2015

Posted on September 11, 2015 by Daniel


This week, I worked on integrating the new species creation menus. The portrait customization is still a work-in-progress, but it’s going to be incredibly cool once I’m done with it. I can’t wait to play with it and see what I can create. Hopefully, you will too!


Hello, this last week I’ve wrapped up most of the remaining things related to the procedural head mesh and texture generation as well as going through generating and tweaking LODs for the existing environment meshes.


Nothing terribly exciting for me, just working through the plot-point generation. It’s actually nice that the “hard problems” have been more-or-less solved and the path ahead is clear.

Weekly Dev Update – September 4th, 2015

Posted on September 4, 2015 by Daniel


Hello there fellow cosmonauts!

This week, I spent some time working on an intro sequence for the game, as well as fleshing out the prototype for an updated version of character creation.

Once complete, character creation will now also incorporate Daniel’s blendshaped faces for portraits and will provide a quite unique approach to customizing species appearance!

Sidenote for you space nerds:
Don’t forget to check out the Supermoon lunar eclipse on September 27th, which we won’t see again until 2033!


Hey guys, this week I’ve been wrapping up two of the remaining parts of the procedural heads. Namely the eyeballs and eye hairs (eyebrows and eyelashes).
As I had predicted putting them in would make everything else come together make the faces not induce nightmares. You be the judge.

Fully Procedural Head WIP
Note: All the stuff and bits are now part of the face, no more missing eyeballs.


This week I mapped out the trait/skill interactions & structure of the plotpoints encompassing all the resource rewards that characters may obtain while on a mission. I then wrote the data for 2 of them, and will do the remaining 13 this weekend (it’s easier when you spec them out first).