We did it!!!

In one small step for man, but in a giant leap for Astrobase Command-kind, we were successful in our recent Kickstarter campaign! We got an amazing $43,290 from our 717 backers!!

Missed the campaign and want to back us? Don’t worry! It’s not too late! You can give us continuous support through our Patreon or get an Alpha Access copy of Astrobase Command (and extra stuff) on our Store Page.


What Kind of Leader Will You Be?

As the Commander of a lone Astrobase in a forgotten corner of the universe, your crew depend on you for their survival. True leadership starts with understanding the character of your crew and trusting them to work together to get the job done.

Every choice you make will be the difference between life and death in the void. Do you have what it takes to be an Astrobase Commander?


A Different Kind of Base Building Game
Astrobase Command is an entirely player-driven space station builder and management sim with a strong focus on rich character personalities and an authentic leadership experience.

Through their experiences as part of your crew, each character will acquire 5 out of over 300 distinct personality traits, which will affect everything from how they organize their daily life, how they work, how they accomplish mission objectives, how they choose to respond to a crisis and who they like, respect and love!

The key to survival in this game is to get to know your crew, to understand how their personalities affect the world around them and use their skills as effectively as possible. Good leaders will soon see their Astrobase grow prosper in whatever way they choose. Bad leaders will be fumbling to put out reactor fires while their crew are at each other’s throats!




  • 3D Space Station Construction: Expand your Astrobase one module at a time. Have you been saving up for that fancy new reactor? Maybe a quarantine area for crew returning from missions? How about a bar where crew can unwind and socialize?
  • Species Creation and Customization: Name your species, choose its core statistics and how diverse its members are, even their physical appearance and their uniforms!
  • Rich Character Personalities: Watch your favorite crew members live their lives, evolve through experience and interact with others!
  • Extensive Crew Simulation & Management: From job assignments to living quarters to mission teams, you will be responsible for the success or failure of your crew!
  • Beautiful Procedural Solar Systems & Planets: Based on real-world astrophysics, explore a procedurally generated galaxy full of mysterious threats, beautiful worlds and resources for those with the right skills and equipment to exploit!
  • Full 3D Desk GUI: Let out your inner Space Bureaucrat as you interact through a full 3D desk, complete with a state-of-the-art Datapad, your very own document stamp and filing cabinet!
  • Retro Sci-Fi Aesthetics: This game is a love letter to 70’s sci-fi and that era’s visual style!

Planned Features Include:

  • Dynamically Generated Equipment & Crafting
  • Procedural Away Missions
  • Procedural On-Station Events
  • On-Station Combat


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